NAUMATEC was born from the concept of Federico Fiorentino, a yacht designer with a burning passion for high speed crafts. Races have immediately proven to be a fundamental playground where it has been possible to test hulls, structures, materials and building procedures.

From 2006 there have been three NAUMATEC 800 RS RIBS competing in the Endurance circuit and winning four prestigious titles: World Champions Endurance Group B in 2007 and 2009, Italian Champions Endurance Group B in 2010 and 2012

Basing on the successes achieved, NAUMATEC choose to go on increasing the models range and developing new leisure RIBS:

the TENDERLUX Line features small luxury tenders built by the highest standards in terms of technology and style and

the FRECCIA Line features bigger RIBS with a sporty pedigree, breathtaking style and very usable spaces. The concepts around which the Freccia series has been developed are: generous sunbathing spaces, sporty but clean and elegant styling, ease of use and a rational distribution of space.


The whole NAUMATEC production is aimed at a very special type of customer, careful, sophisticated and demanding.

The NAUMATEC tenders are almost entirely manufactured within our yards with highest production standards. The units are molded with the infusion technique, using vinylester resins for the entire laminate, obtaining a hull with an excellent weight/resistance ratio, foundation for excellent performances.

The materials used are top quality, the upholstery and deck equipment are selected with the idea that every detail must lead to a higher level final result. Moreover, with the belief that the tender should reflect quality, image and prestige of the yacht where it is employed, NAUMATEC finishes and fittings can be widely customized.

Since September 2016 NAUMATEC is part of NUOVA JOLLY MARINE, a Company Leader in building high quality RIBs since 1961, that has acquired the brand NAUMATEC with the aim to increase its prestige and to valorize its philosophy by creating an Atelier dedicated to this brand.

NAUMATEC believes in a few basic and fundamental values necessary to realize first class products: high quality materials, advanced production systems, sophisticated design, remarkable performance but, most of all, the special care and passion, typical of people that believes business should be the opportunity to turn a vision into reality. In a few words: